We consult in Kenmore, Brisbane, by appointment. Comprehensive vision examinations are offered for children and adults. Children's examinations are tailored to their needs and can include assessments of Vision Information Processing and / or Neuro-development. Treatment and / or Prevention Programs are offered and these may include the provision of spectacles, contact lenses, Vision Therapy Programs, Neuro-development Programs, dry-eye treatment or referral to another professional. Our main focus is people - both those who choose our services and those who work with us and offer support. We offer a high standard of eye care that comes with love in service.

Our staff, environment and modern equipment are child and adult friendly

Carmin practices as our Behavioural Optometrist. She graduated in 1994 and has been interested in Behavioural Optometry since 2000. Carmin understands that not only is a person's eyesight important, but also what behaviours led to the vision difficulties being experienced, how vision may be affecting one's behaviour, and what can be done to support this. Underlying causes include neuro-developmental delays, postural adaptations, balance, reactions to stress and how we are in eveyday life (our choices).


Carmin brings a love of people to everything she does. She is always exploring new ways to understand and support her patients. Her consultations are not rushed, but an opportunity to connect, and to discuss findings and possible treatment or prevention options. Both children and adults are welcomed.



Our office in Kenmore has permanently closed.

Should you need to contact us, please email: info@lovt.com.au

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