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VISION: The Multi-Dimensional Model in paperback (local pickup only)
VISION: The Multi-Dimensional Model in paperback (including postage Australia wide)
VISION: The Multi-Dimensional Model in
paperback (for international shipping options please contact us for a quote)
VISION: The Multi-Dimensional Model on
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VISION: The Multi-Dimensional Model

This book is based on the proposition that everything is energy.

We are both energetic beings as well as physical bodies (composed of the same elements that make up the stars). We are at a point where we can no longer pretend that conditions (and in this case vision conditions) are just unlucky or purely a result of genetics.

Take myopia for example; we now know that although genetics play a part, the way we choose to live and work (or study) has a major effect on the outcome. Not only that, but we can choose a different way (more sunlight, less near work) and get a different result. We also know that diet and lifestyle have a huge part to play in both the progression and reversal of many eye conditions, and we also know that this is not the full picture, that there is more.

​Carmin shares a model of vision that includes the fact that everything is energy and that everything is because of energy1 and then uses it to better understand some of the conditions that we have, or see and treat, on a daily basis.

This multi-dimensional model of vision was developed from shared wisdom, life and patients and offers a model of deeper understanding.

  1. Benhayon S. Esoteric Teachings and Revelations. UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah. 2011;220.


"And thus, the Multidimensional Model of Vision, based on the fact that we are more than mere flesh and bones, more than our anatomy and physiology. Carmin’s directness is refreshing, her expertise and experience undeniable and she does not mince words – without ever coming across as the slightest bit imposing or dogmatic." - Gabriele Conrad, Editor

We are pleased to announce that the book has now been published on the iBooks store and is available for purchase through Apple via your iTunes account.

Should this link not take you to the iBook store, try searching for : "Vision The Multi-Dimensional Model" once you have logged into your own iTunes account.

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