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Family Eye Care 

with Carmin Hall

Scheduled Visits to

Kenmore, Brisbane


Feb 25th to 28th

Mar 31st to Apr 3rd

Apr 29th to May 2nd

May 26th to 29th

Jun 8th to 11th

Jul 21st to 24th

Children and Adult Assessments

Behavioural Optometric Care

Vision Therapy

Behavioural Optometrist
Carmin Hall

Carmin is gentle and caring and makes life and business about people first. She is a therapeutically qualified Behavioural Optometrist who offers comprehensive vision examinations, visual perception / processing assessments, vision therapy, neuro-developmental assessments and basic dry eye treatment.

Call or email to book an appointment:

phone: 0497 671 622



7 Princeton Street, Kenmore, Qld, 4069

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