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Family Eye Care 

with Carmin Hall

We offer teleheath services

Children and Adult Assessments

Behavioural Optometric Care

Vision Therapy

Eye Tests

for the whole family

We examine children's and adults eyes. Determining the relationships between vision and learning involves more than evaluating eye health and visual acuity (clarity of sight). We also assess visual efficiency and visual processing, including accommodation (focusing), binocular vision (eye teaming), and eye movements.

Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy aims to train or retrain the eyes to work more efficiently and with less effort. It is a program of activities prescribed by a Behavioural Optometrist and usually facilitated by a Vision Therapist. The program is individualised to meet the visual needs of each person. Therapy usually entails weekly in-office visits and exercises to practice at home.

Vision Perception Testing

To assess the way a person interprets what they see, which is important information to have for any child having difficulties at school. It includes assessment of Visual Spatial Skills, Spatial Relations, Visual Form Constancy, Figure-Ground, Visual Closure, Visual Memory and Vision Motor Integration.

Carmin Hall - Behavioural Optometrist
Behavioural Optometrist
Carmin Hall

Carmin is gentle and caring and makes life and business about people first. She is a therapeutically qualified Behavioural Optometrist who offers comprehensive vision examinations, visual perception / processing assessments, vision therapy, neuro-developmental assessments and basic dry eye treatment.

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